Proportioning Scales

Proportioning Scales

Proportioning Scales are used for mass dosing of bulk material, such as e.g. grain, flour or grist. The various models are identical in terms of construction, they differ only in their construction size and dimensions. Each proportioning scale is composed of the following main assembly groups: cone funnel with lid, substructure, weighing equipment, elastic connections and closure mechanisms. The proportioning scale is composed of a cone funnel made of steel sheet with welded-on flanges, a frame to hold calibration weights and special panels as bearings for the measuring cells. The substructure is made of heavy profile steel and is equipped with floor mounting plates as well as supporting panels for the measuring cells. Possible electric voltage potentials between the cone funnel and the substructure are equalised through an earth cable. The lid of the individual inlet connections is mounted separately and is only attached to the funnel cone through a dustproof, air-permeable elastic connection. The outfeed is implemented with a rotary valve. The following machine technology and piping is also elastically connected to the proportioning scale.

Proportioning Scales

Advantages at a glance:

If handled correctly and maintained regularly, the proportioning scales reach a minimum life time of 15 years.

High weighing precision is ensured by decoupling the proportioning scale from the feed mechanism and the draining system using elastic connections.

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