Structurizer is used for milling of many different products, especially for producing structured feed. By milling with the structurizer you will have less fine particles, therefore it is especially used for layer feed. The structurizer achieves a high capacity with a low energy consumption due to a large working surface in comparison to a roller mill. Furthermore, the wear costs are very low because of the entirely hardened crushing discs. Almost all cereals, even wet components, can be milled without any problems. An integrated safety device protects against parts, which could damage the discs. A manual gap adjustment during operation is possible.


Advantages at a glance:

Less fine particles, thereby homogeneous material.

High capacity with a low energy consumption (approx. 1.2 kWh/t).

Low operating costs through entirely hardened crushing discs.

Gentle treatment, because the product will barely be heated.

Wet grinding up to 40 % moisture possible.

Low noise level.

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