Trough Augers

Trough Augers

Trough Augers are intended for the horizontal transport of flour, grain, pellets and other bulk materials for the storage, processing and utilization of plantbased raw materials in production facilities.

Advantages at a glance:

Tough steel construction.

Powder coated for indoor areas or hot-dip galvanised for open air areas.

Suitable for use in further processing industries.

Stainless steel design for the food industry and for especially aggressive products such as, for example fertiliser, salts, etc.

Simple maintenance.

Space saving due to low space requirements.

The trough can be fully enclosed for odourless and dust-free conveyance.

The in-feeding and discharge of the bulk material can take place at any desired place.

Type TS 150 TS 200 TS 250 TS 300.

Capacity*, t/h 20 20 40 60.

Capacity*, m/h 27 27 53 80.

Max. length, m 10 10 12 12.

Motor power, kW 1,1 - 3 1,5 - 5,5 1,5 -5,5 2,2 - 5,5.

Rotational speed, rpm 250 146 146 104.

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