Tube Augers

Tube Augers

Tube Augers are intended for the horizontal as well as for the inclined up to 45° transport of flour, grain, pellets and other bulk materials for the storage, processing and utilization of plant-based raw materials in production facilities.

Tube Augers

Advantages at a glance:

Robust construction: Material thickness 1.5-3 mm.

Galvanised sheet steel for use in the open air.

Stainless steel for use in the food industry or wet areas.

Sheet steel powder coated for applications in internal areas.

Generous drive sizing with allowance for reserve capacity.

Direct drive via flexible couplings and gear motor or v-belt drive with electric motor.

Simple maintenance.

Space saving due to small area required.

The tube auger is completely sealed, therefore transport is odourless and dust-free.

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