Vertical Mixers

Vertical Mixers

Vertical Mixer are especially well suited to the mixing of granulates and flour products. The feeding in of the products to be mixed can be done via the infeed at the bottom or via a filling in the silo cover. The mixing of the individual product is done via the vertical mixing screw. Due to this system a high level of mixing accuracy of 1:100 000 (depending upon the product) is achieved. The emptying of the mixer is done via the side-mounted discharge. This discharge is directly connected to the mixing screw through which a high degree of emptying is achieved.

Vertical Mixers

Advantages at a glance:

Space-saving mixer in a robust all-steel construction with steel supports and funnel.

Massive, vertical mixing screw.

Drive via V-belts.

Operation monitoring via an inspection glass.

Outlet with slider.

Bottom filling.

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